Meet the people who pass through The Old Marbol Hotel:

Kristanbel Wasoo: Born bad and beautiful with no heart, she loves dark ale and bloody roast beef sandwiches. Just call her Kris.

Jahn: A man who finally found his balls and then his freedom.

Morphine man: He fell for a floozy, and that was the end of him.

Billy Lancing: A redheaded negro, much like Malcom X. He soiled the morals of a child, plus other errors.

Lenny Slick: A dimwitted desk clerk fascinated by phrenology.

Maxence: A retired mercenary who fell in love with Chloë Jomo-Gbomo.

Chloë Jomo-Gbomo: A lovely Congo woman who died young due to a Freetown jitney driver who smoked too much ganja.

Beauregard Lee Johnston: Better known as Bo, his homosexual connection to a young black boy in the Old South led to disinheritance and banishment.

Maria the maid: She came north from Mexico looking for a better life, but all she ended up with was a litter of children.

Maurice: Called the Hall Prowler, he has steel-blue eyes, owns a Honda Silver Wing, and packs a pistol.

Myron Blade: A dull middle-class family man who was enticed into death and damnation by a beautiful teenage girl.

Mark Montoya: A cop on a mission, and he finally gets his man, er, woman.